The artistic and cultural partner for corporates and for the Liberal Professions

 Artworks Rental and Art Advice

SOLIS ART CONSEIL wants to enhance your work environment and to adapt it to the personality and the culture of your company. We accompany your choice of artworks from our catalogue after a process of shared reflection.

 A flexible monthly rental contract suited to your needs and including all our services (custom Board, top management of range, installation, delivery and insurance)

Artworks Renewal every 6, 12 or 18 months

Rental without storage or logistics charges for your company


Our exceptional collection is available for your public relations operations.

Expose series of the same artist or original themes related to your story and your corporate culture

Lectures with our experts and partners

Develop training and team building around your business workshops

Artistic Heritage Management

Our artistic heritage management expertise for companies is recognized

Identify and assess all the artworks held by your company

Secure, restore, and highlight your artworks in your spaces

To take decisions with you about the desirability of artworks’ market placing for all or part of your collection


We guide you in the purchase and sale of artworks.

Create a collection based on our expertise

Coordinate the acquisition or the sale of your work with our expert partners

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