Expo Takashi MURAKAMI “Learning the magic of painting”

No Murakami in our Solis Art Council collection… maybe one day (when prices…) but we couldn't resist the urge to discover the latest works of the artist whose universe is a testament to its long history of otaku (term for a person who spends part of his time inside activity) melted Sci-Fi and manga. Some pictures taken during our visit to the Perrotin Gallery.


Read for those wishing to further their knowledge of the artist: an excerpt from Seven Days in the Art World, by Sarah Thornton.

"The artist is a necromancer. "Takashi Murakami utters this abstruse judgment sitting at his grand plan of work, a table of five meters long at the center of his vast Studio in Roppongi Hills surrounded by four designers and five of animators. A necromancer, what is – this to say? A fan of dark magic Wizard? A high priest? A man who can communicate with the dead? The master continues: "an artist is someone who knows the boundary between this world and the other. Or someone who wonders about this border. "His work is also straddling several worlds, art and comics, yin and yang, Jekyll and Hyde, but the creator is anything but a dreamer without purpose. "I change direction or I keep the cap according to the reaction of the people, he admits. I want to survive in the long term and join contemporary trends, this is my first concern. Work only for money does not match my values. I work by trial and error to be popular. »



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