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Solis Art Council visited the expo event “MEXICO 1900-1950” at the Grand Palais. For us a real discovery of wealth and the bubbling of the artistic production of this time. Remember: An aesthetic trend, “muralism”, to political and social content to give the population access to art. Three great artists, José Clemente OREZCO, David Alfaro SIQUEIROS and Diego RIVERA. SOLIS ART COUNCIL, THE SPECIALIST RENTAL COMPANIES OUR COLLECTION ON www.solisartonseil.com […]

Marrakesh COP 22, Art in the service of the environment.

Solis Art Council is in Marrakech to live in near the COP 22 event, from the perspective of Art in the service of the environment! From 6 to 24 November 2016, calligraphy and recycling workshops are organized, not counting exhibitions of sculpture and fine arts through the ochre city. And the team of Solis Art Council the opportunity to meet contemporary artists from the African continent and discover their work. […]

Expo Takashi MURAKAMI “Learning the magic of painting”

No Murakami in our Solis Art Council collection… maybe one day (when prices…) but we couldn't resist the urge to discover the latest works of the artist whose universe is a testament to its long history of otaku (term for a person who spends part of his time inside activity) melted Sci-Fi and manga. Some pictures taken during our visit to the Perrotin Gallery. Read for those wishing to further […]

Solis Art Council recommend expo Zarina Hashmi – Life Lines – a wonder of poetry

We were delighted by the work of the artist whose exhibition, Gallery Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, ends on November 5. Some photos (space swamp, 3rd Saintonge Paris Street). Born in India in 1937, Zarina accompanied her diplomat husband around the world. She received the teaching of the great masters of engraving as Stanley Hayter at Atelier 17 in Paris.     His work is a main square to the woodcut with […]

The cheap, luxury, fine food… and its collection of works of art!

At the bend of a culinary and artistic walk in this legendary store on the left bank, (well Yes… even the team of Solis Art Council agrees to cross the Seine when absolutely necessary) we took a few shots of the works currently on display in the floors of the main store. The collection is on display throughout the store, it is filled with fifty works. Recognized and emerging artists […]