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Today, the House Artcurial sold a nice set of works from the collection of Michel SEUPHOR. Following our tour of the exhibition, we’re happy to give you a glimpse, as our catalog has many works of the artists mentioned in this article. http://www.solisartconseil.com/artistes/#v Michel Seuphor (1901-1999) was an artist, at once poet, writer, and art critic. He adopted in 1918 its name artist, Seuphor, anagram of Orpheus. In Paris, where he […]

Solis Art Council invites you to discover the Museum SOULAGES

SOLIS ART Council shares with you his visit of the Soulages Museum in Rodez. Masterpiece of architecture as this superb exhibition space. Large rooms where the sometimes monumental works unfold majestically. To hide nothing, you're allowed end, happy and healthy tired, a light meal at the coffee arm of the star chef (Delish…). When you get two hours in front of you… try the gourmet restaurant! Born December 24, 1919 […]

Diego Giacometti, Brollo collection for sale at Artcurial Wednesday night September 14, 2016.

Diego Giacometti and the entrepreneur Daniel Brollo have been friends from 1965 to the death of the artist in 1985.  Brollo collection consists of fifteen bronzes and as many casts, estimated exceptional pieces the more often between €100,000 and €300,000. Below the pictures we have taken during the presentation of the works which will be on sale at Artcurial tonight Wednesday, September 14. If you have not recently inherited or […]

Back on the exhibition Paul KLEE at the Centre Pompidou

The exhibition Paul Klee “Irony at work” was completed on 1 August. Back on the main themes, and share with you our (modest!) clichés associated with the explanatory notes… With the wish that this will alleviate the frustration of those and those which will be able to attend! The satirical beginnings. Klee and Cubism Discover the works of our catalogue http://www.solisartconseil.com/artistes/ Contact us: [email protected]