Our summer series: “Works MONUMENTAL A PARIS” – number 1 – artist Richard Texier.

We offer this summer a series of articles on the monumental works of art created in the public spaces of the future Grand Paris. Solis Art Council will have in heart to present you these same artists whose works are present in our catalogue, and which, without being a "monumental" dimension, are not less interesting to discover!IMG_6128

Today, our number 1 is devoted to artist Richard Texier and his monumental "Angel Bear" (bear wing) work installed in June 2015, before the classical facade of the Gare du Nord. IMG_6124Sensitive to the fate of polar bears threatened by climate change, the artist wanted to stopped, creating this huge Red bear, all of us, starting with the millions of European travellers who pass through the first railway station in Europe. Sculpture, 7.5 metres high silhouette seems to disintegrate under the effect of a mysterious evil, global warming. 


Commissioned by the SNCF stations and connections in the context of the Conference on the climate, the COP21 which was held last December, the silent cry of the bronze animal captures passers-by to raise awareness of the urgency to act. Air despite its 4.8 tons, the chimera spreads its wings in an attempt to escape, out of the world already, cosmic spokesman threatened with extinction by climate change and melting polar ice. 


At Solis Art Council, we like the creative and committed spirit of Richard TEXIER, which we have several works in the catalogue, and that attract a growing number of our business customers: the humanistic values, creativity and plastic beauty expressed by the works of Richard Texier radiate their spaces and value the environment where partners and collaborators move daily.

Composition abstract mixed media on thin cardboard, 1991. 63x78cm




3 stars, original lithograph, signed in pencil, justified 1/33.
Series of signed original lithographs (prints of artist)
Series of signed original lithographs (prints of artist)


Butte aux cailles, technical mixed on canvas, 1989, 60x81cm
Composition abstract, mixed technique on canvas. 1989, 73x91cm.





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