Our summer series ‘Monumental works in Paris’ (n ° 2)-time of all, and set A life, Gare Saint Lazare.

Instructions for life

You often spend Gare Saint Lazare in asking you what represent these two works? Installed since nearly thirty years on the forecourt of the gare Saint-Lazare in Paris, works of Arman, the time of all, an accumulation of clocks, and set for life, an accumulation of suitcases, were restored in 2014.horloge_saintlaz Venue and urban signals, they are reference points that guide travelers to the train station.

In 1985, Arman receives an order for the State to create two sculptures. The artist presents, on the theme of the station and the trip, two monumental works he wants immediately accessible all the time and setpoint at life. The artist uses fondeur Régis Bocquel, with whom he used to work, to achieve bronze. These works, which have shocked the public when they are installed, now are an integral part of the architectural singularity of the station and its square.    

Sign of the times, the clock is an object in all train stations, a handy tool that allows travellers to find. Their accumulation refers to the long waits that are an integral part of the travel time. The title "All time" symbolizes the universal dimension of this work; clocks indicate each of the different hours, time of each, of all time. The second work, set for life, is an accumulation of suitcases. Everyday objects, attributes par excellence of the travel, suitcases stacked by the artist, are high here, by the nobility of bronze, to the rank of classical statuary.

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